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 Brief History

The current Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipal Council originated from Bushenyi trading centre that was later elevated to a Town Board and in 1977 it was gazetted as a Town Council. It had been curved out of the present Bumbaire Sub County. Years later Nyakabirizi and St. Kagwa were also added from Bumbeire Sub County. In 1988 Ishaka Town and Kizinda were annexed to make the Bushenyi- Ishaka Town Council. In 2010, some parts of Kashenyi, Buramba, Mazinga, Rwenjeru, Kibaare, Bunyarigi & Ryamabengwa were added to the then Town Council to create Bushenyi Ishaka Municipal Council.

 The Municipal Council stands on 5 different centres of Nyakabirizi, Bushenyi, Basajabalaba, Ishaka and Kizinda. There are other upcoming centres of St. Kagwa and Kanyamabona. Though these are scattered this gives Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipal Council a unique growth as it is linear and along the major roads. The willingness of the neighboring villages like the recent Ntungamo Parish that joined the Municipal council will further enhance the growth and expansion of the Municipality.


Bushenyi- Ishaka is found in Igara county of Bushenyi District. It is bordered in the South by Bumbeire, East by Kyeizooba, North by Kyabugimbi and Kakanju and in West by Nyabubare Sub Counties.

Physical/Climate Conditions

It is surrounded by swamps and majority of the peril urban homesteads depend on individual homestead water sources excavated in the swamp banks. The Council has gentle sloping hills of Kyeitembe, Buramba, Rwatukwire, Keirere and Buhura. The Municipal Council is surrounded by swamps which give it a unique look and provides good scenery and wet conditions that cannot be found anywhere else.


To have a prosperous health population-accessing quality services in a well-planned and environmentally clean Municipal.


To provide quality services to the people in line with national and local priorities for sustainable development of the Municipal Council.

 Administrative Units:

Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipal Council is made up of 7 Wards with 19 cells. The proposed Municipality will be composed of three Divisions, 16 Wards and 73 Villages 


Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipal Council currently has a total population of 50,313 according to 2014 National Housing and Population Census projections, for population details 

However, during the day, the total population is estimated at above 60,000 people because of the Municipal’s peculiar activities/services including education, trade, construction and professional services like legal, medical etc that brings people to the Municipals and being on the junction to the routes connecting western districts and countries of Congo and Rwanda.

 Office Accommodation

The Municipal Council has an office block with Council chambers and room for expansion is available. It has a registry and stores space to accommodate records though with increased staffing levels, there is need to expand on the office accommodation.

 Other Government Offices

The Municipal Council is a home to various central government department offices.  The following deserve mention.


  • Bushenyi District Local Government offices
  • Uganda Police Regional headquarters with Police stations in Bushenyi and Ishaka
  • Chief Magistrate Court offices
  • National Forestry Authority
  • Resident State Attorney Chambers
  • Uganda Prisons
  • Presidential State Lodge
  • Ankole Private Sector Foundation
  • National water & Sewerage Corporation